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About Barking Dog Design A sign for Tanqueray

We help firms get their products, services and ideas noticed — and we will stop at nothing to accomplish this.

We create, design, and fabricate on-site advertising components for the execution of mobile marketing tours, special events, product launches and trade shows. We started our firm because the ideas that we were being called upon to execute for promotion agencies, consumer products companies and trade show exhibitors missed the tremendous opportunities outside traditional advertising mediums. We believe that merely echoing a current media campaign misses the opportunity to WOW a select audience — and this is no task for traditional media. It is a place to experiment, a place to excite the eyes and ears, a place to captivate a segment of your market. After all, if you canít do something wild and crazy in a parking lot in Las Vegas, maybe you should have stayed home.

Clients who have allowed us to help them deliver their message include: Marketing Werks, US Concepts, Euro RSCG 4D Impact, Eventive Marketing, Kicking Cow Promotions, DrillTeam Media, Pro Sports Marketing & Management, Vivid Marketing, ClearChannel, SPIN Magazine, Vanity Fair, Warner Bros., Gorilla Glue, The Grammys, Infinity Radio and many more.

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